The Stand-alone Novels

Limited Access

Limited Access Cover

In September 2019, a FOR SALE! sign goes up at 1833 Hamlin Court.  It stays in place for seven long months until, in April, the sign disappears.  All around the cul-de-sac, questions abound.  Who?   What?  When?   Where?  Why?  How?   If the residents living under the roofs of 1834 to 1839 Hamlin Court weren’t so enmeshed in a “Wave, but keep walking” attitude, they could get answers to those stumpers.  For that to happen requires a miracle—but sometimes even a miracle needs help.  Enter: Cambria Brule.  Unfortunately, she has zero experience with working wonders in her own life, let alone for a whole neighborhood.

Botched Boundaries

Botched Boundaries Cover

Years ago, Nell Crane built a wall of silence around herself and a serious lie. The barrier held firm until a reporter’s sharp mind and pointed questions kicked a hole in it. With the whole wall in danger of giving way, Nell risks full exposure for what she is: a criminal.
     Ethan Crane is a man of high principles who has believed his wife shares his values and honors honesty and self-discipline. When Nell’s illicit act and continuing deceit are revealed, their lives take a devastating blow. Boundaries shatter, trust crumbles. The Cranes wonder if naming their masonry business Rock Solid mocks everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve.
     Nell must decide her next step. Can she persist in lying, in hopes that doing so will preserve her pride? Or, must she face truth and justice, head-on, and live with the consequences?

Switchback Blues

Switchback Blues Cover

Shin and PiperRae Roosevelt enjoy the smooth, straight-shot road to happiness, success, and the good life.  He’s the co-founder of a reputable mechanical engineering and design firm; she’s earned a fine reputation as an art and mirror restoration expert.  Then, everything familiar changes and suddenly smooth and straight-away are distant memories and switchbacks are the new reality.  Orange City, Iowa, beckons this San Luis Obispo, California, couple . . . but will a calmer lifestyle solve the problems of a disrupted marriage?
     > One “First Reader” says: "Switchback Blues is a timely topic and well-told with sensitivity, compassion and Hadley’s usual wit.”

Patchy Fog

Patchy Fog Cover

Does one, can one ever forget, dismiss, or disdain the life-changing, mind-boggling, heart-blasting impact of a first love?   Memories of it may flounder in the fog of passing years, or be consumed by the blaze of more persistent, lasting love.   Whether it was ecstasy or agony, does a first love ever lose its power?  Does sunlight truly obliterate fog, or does it merely push it aside until it is merely shadows?
     Renita Vander Voon never expected to be asking these questions, but then her first-love reappeared.   That’s when she realizes that fog obscures all but what is most important: the next step to take, which is something only her heart knew.

Whirled World

Whirled World Cover

Daredevil?   Not Theo Hesperton.  Edgy?   No way!   He liked things orderly, safe, and sane—and made all the right choices to land a career and lifestyle which met that standard.
     To Theo, a focused plan, a tidy schedule, and solid goals defined the borders of a satisfactory life.  Staying within those borders and avoiding scandals or madcap adventures helped him excel at his job with Uncle Sam.
     Then, scams and controversies spread from headlines & talk-shows in the form of personal crises that invaded and destroyed those boundaries.   External order became internal chaos that set the needle on his moral compass spinning wildly. 
     Life doesn’t always play by the rules.   Focused plans go whacky; tidy schedules get messy.   As for solid goals?  They can turn into tumult in the blink of an eye.
     Just ask Theo.
     Emotional calamity hit like a whirlwind.   Satisfactory, and safe, and sane no longer described Theo’s world.   He saw no escape, unless he was willing to listen to a neighbor.   She could be Theo’s best hope for surviving, but only if she survived her own whirlwind.