The Milford Mysteries

Off Track

Off Track Cover

Milford loves Sage Eden.  She's one of their own, coming home as CEO of the long-awaited hospital.  But the small Utah town isn't sure about Sage's husband, Zeke.   He brought trouble with him when he did the unthinkable and involved four of Milford's best kids.
     When a Minnesota railroad scandal with a missing corpse rips across the Rockies and plummets to earth smack-dab in Utah, where else could tracks lead but to Zeke Eden, the mystery writer also-known-as Kiel Nede?
     The viewpoint from Milford to Rochester is this: Anyone who created as terrifying a hero as Raven Crowley is smart enough to pull off the murder someone dared to lift from the pages of Kiel Nede's latest book.
     When the body isn't found where his best-seller said it should be, Zeke realizes what really happened.   He wishes Raven weren't just a figment of his imagination.   Zeke's life derails while he seeks to reveal what only he and the murderer know: The truth.

Water Marks

Water Marks Cover

When an unmarked box arrived in Rick Dante’s office, it delivered more than the notebook inside.   It dumped a nightmare on the Milford, Iowa, Chief of Police.  The contents of that taunting notebook point an accusatory finger straight at Chief Dante, with the brazen implication that he hasn’t been doing his job.
     The cryptic caption on the notebook’s title page says: Milford, Iowa: Unsolved Murders.  The murderer must be a cocky dude with ice water flowing through his veins.   The notebook contains evidence of 5 seemingly unrelated homicides: five obituaries matched to 5 signs which incorporate Milford’s water tower into their sinister messages.   Each sign follows the progression of the countdown to the grand finale: 1 down, 5 to go . . . 2 down, 4 to go . . .
     Rick and his police force must thaw 5 cold cases in search of clues.   Unless they find the perpetrator of those heinous crimes, the execution of “6 down, 0 to go” will stun the town.   No one will feel safe anymore in Milford—that Southern gateway to the Iowa Great Lakes where people expect to find fun, not fear.

Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown Cover

He drives a big rig and has even bigger plans . . . for someone’s death.
     She drives her mother’s car and wishes she had a plan . . . for her own life.
     He lacks conscience.
     She lacks confidence.
     He has $10,000 . . . which surely will accomplish his ultimate goal of freedom.
     She has $1.30 . . . until a windfall brings more freedom than she knows how to handle.
     He meets her when he has just begun to lose hope.
     She meets him when she’s just begun to find hope.
     He thinks she’s in Milford, Nebraska.
     She wonders why she’s in Milford, Maine.
     It’s an understandable but potentially deadly mistake.

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point Cover

3 people converge on 1 place . . .
     . . . the vengeful plotter – he’s there by design
     . . . the vigilant pacifist – he’s there by happenstance
     . . . the vague pretender – she’s there, but in memory only
     Is Milford, California, the vanishing point for dreams & schemes?