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Hadley Hoover was born in the wintry month of February in a city that truly understands winter: St Paul MN. She attended first grade in Wildrose ND where she learned to read. Fond memories of four years in North Dakota prompted Hadley to write Uncharted Territory, Hidden Crossing, and Storm Path--books her readers have dubbed "The Prairie Rose stories." Ripple Effect, set at the Divide County Threshing Show in Crosby ND, completes this series.

The rest of her grade school career was spent at Adams and Roosevelt grade schools in Aberdeen SD.  She finished out Junior and Senior High at Maurice-Orange City IA public schools.

Even though she was one of few non-Dutch students in her high school, those Dutchmen inched their way into her heart. The prominent characters in Rough Terrain, Unguarded Edge, Late Harvest, Shifting Shadows and Fallow Fields are Dutchmen and these books are her tributes to old friends and good memories.

She received a Bachelor of Science degree (major: English; minor: Library Science) from Bemidji State College (now University) and continued on to earn two Master's Degrees from the University of Minnesota in Education (at Duluth) and Library Science (in Minneapolis.)

Hadley married Kendall, a California native, in June 1979. They have lived in California's romantic San Joaquin Valley which is featured in Miles Apart and actually followed the same roads that form the basis for Molly's trip with a frustrating passenger cross-country from California to Minnesota. It's a very long drive! When Hadley needed a famous person for the North Dakota novels, she "borrowed" the Miles Apart hero, thus making this story a prequel to the Prairie Rose ND stories for those purists among her readers who like to read things "in order"!

It comes as no surprise to her readers that Hadley's favorite place on earth is the California coast. Prevailing Winds is set in Mendocino County, while Rogue Wave and Shaky Ground are set in San Luis Obispo and Mendocino.

Hadley set her mystery Off Track in Milford, Utah and Rochester, Minnesota, surely one of the more unexpected combinations in fiction! After hearing from happy readers of that first title, the seed for a series set in various "Milfords" across the country was planted in Hadley's fertile brain!  Second in the Milford Mysteries series is Water Marks, set in Milford, Iowa.  The third title, Destination Unknown, features Milford, Maine and Milford, Nebraska.  The fourth and final Milford Mystery is a novella: Vanishing Point, set in Milford, California.

The first title on the shelf of Hadley’s contemporary stand-alone novels was Switchback Blues. Then came  Patchy Fog.  Newest on the line-up is  Whirled World.  The fourth stand-alone (watch for it in 2017) is Botched Boundaries.

The Hoover's home is full of books as befits a former English teacher, librarian, and editor . . . and all-around avid reader herself. Hadley writes full-time.



Hadley Hoover